2020 By Design or Dilemma?

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2020 By Design or Dilemma?
2020 By Design or Dilemma?!?
What are you choosing for next year?
What are you creating?
What are you designing as the experiences you are going to be having, creating, calling in, attracting, preparing for in 2020?
Reacting to, having to, realising there is a situation that you are not prepared for. Knee jerk decisions, crisis management, growth by default not design.
Here are my questions for you and your business!
How much money are you going to make this year?
How many staff will you be employing this year?
How are you growing your business this year?
How are new clients going to find you this year?
How many new clients or sales are you creating this year?
Are you focussing your attention online?
On regional growth?On international markets?
Where would you like to go?
Who would you like to work with?
What new experiences would you like to have?
What’s going to be your big hairy accomplishment this year?
Whats the challenge you are working through this year?
Where are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone this year?
What’s your calendar looking like?
Do you know?
Or are you going to be scrambling… to hire more staff when you already needed them?
To solve a problem that already exists rather than one you could have been aware of earlier?

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