Are you a great employee but a bad business owner?

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Are you a great employee but a bad business owner?
Episode 6: Are You A Great Employee But A Bad Business Owner?
I hear this all the time and I CERTAINLY went through this myself. I am a great employee, I work hard, I treat the business as my own and I am good at making money for the boss, business or company I work for. I have never struggled to find a job or to get good references or to help people create a business that is financially viable.
BUT for whatever reason when you finally decide to go into business for yourself, no matter what industry you are in, no matter how many years of experience you have, there is this really common thread that I see and work on this with clients across all industries.
The business never grows at the rate of your business plan or projections, even though when you worked for someone else, you hit those figures easily every week or month. The ability to create and trust in your ability to bring in the money suddenly feels like hard work.
So Why does this happen?
Subconscious (Money) Blocks Subconscious beliefs around:
Permission to create
Permission to be in charge of your own fate or destiny
Being good with money
-how you deal with money in your personal life is how you deal with money in your business
It’s not ok to be loud and proud about promoting my own work
Most of us are highly self critical-so with no one else to tell us we are doing a good job or anyone else around to compare ourselves to inside the organization, you will focus on what your not doing good enough rather than what is going great.
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