Choosing Your Reality

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Choosing Your Reality

Today’s episode is to address some of the things that you may be feeling whether or not you’re currently at the effect of the global pandemic and lockdown in your business or whether you’re just facing situations as we do, always, in life — when you feel like your environment is not conducive or supportive to you creating the outcome you would like to.

In this episode of The Body Whisperer podcast, we discussed:

  • How hard for people to create the business that they’d like to because they feel like they’re not on the same page as their business partner
  • What to do when you feel you don’t have a voice and don’t feel empowered in creating your business
  • The only thing we have control over
  • Maintaining and creating our own reality
  • Coming back to what is true for us
  • Doing a few mind-body practices
  • The choices that we can make help us overcome fear

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