Confident on Camera with Lucy Griffiths

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Confident on Camera with Lucy Griffiths

Ready to get confident on camera and sell your content?! If you know you need to be getting yourself in front of a camera to grow your business but you don’t know where to start, or if you already  do but would like more confidence, Lucy Griffiths helps entrepreneurs tell stories and increase their influence and impact the world. She’s a video strategist and confidence coach who helps you to get the confidence to find your voice and speak up in meetings, on video, and own your power – even if you’re shy and struggle to be heard. Check out this week’s episode of The Business Whisperer Podcast Now! 

Lucy’s courses have now sold over 30,000 worldwide, and she works with corporate clients, entrepreneurs and business owners to harness the power of video, and tell stories more effectively on screen and in meetings. 

Lucy is a columnist for Psychologies Magazine talking about confidence, the imposter syndrome, and speaking up even though you’re scared. As an introvert, Lucy is a big proponent of playing big, even when you’re shy and offers practical advice and guidance to ask for what you want.

She is now a Founder / Director of a joint venture with Psychologies Magazine building a digital platform for the magazine. 

Lucy also partners with influencers to use their leverage to sell educational courses and elearning. She set up the Working Mother’s Academy with the blogger Honest Mum and PR Jack Freud, and has helped thousands of mums to learn digital skills.

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