Ferocious Living with Smriti Shivdasani

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Ferocious Living with Smriti Shivdasani

When you are faced with adversity, when you’re faced with a situation where it seems like you have no choice, it may seem like that, but that’s not true. At every given moment, we do have a choice. 

Today, we’re joined by a fearless leader and inspirational business creator Smriti Shivdasani. 

Smriti has been in industries ranging from real estate and jewelry to now being a global coach and facilitator.

 Smriti Bio:

An entrepreneur at heart, Smriti Shivdasani is an MBA who chose to move from a career in banking to establishing 2 businesses: Real Estate and Relocation Services and Designing and manufacturing Handmade jewelry. A tryst with Cancer led her to alternate healing. Fascinated by what she learned about the mind-body-spirit connection she chose to dive in and study various healing modalities and went on to become a Life Coach and transformation Facilitator. She is certified as a Dream Builder Coach & Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Institute, an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and a Facilitator of Light Key Healing System. She facilitates various kinds of Transformation Workshops, group Coaching programs and also works individually with people enabling them to create a life they truly love.

Smriti Links: www.smritishivdasani.com

In this episode of The Body Whisperer podcast we discussed:

  • How she started her real estate business and jewelry business
  • How much of her creativity was fueled by and made her successful
  • Buddhism and access consciousness
  • Her healing journey with cancer
  • Her version of Body and Business Whispering

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