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Visibility is a huge component of running a business. And what I think can sometimes be missed is how much of a component it is, regardless of how you think about your business. What visibility is really about in this instance and what we’re, what I’m referring to is two things. 

First of all your energetic congruence with the visibility, because we can do something over and over again and think we’re doing it.

And number two, this is the clincher: it’s being willing to be visible to the people that you’re probably avoiding being seen. 

And so if you can get okay with being visible to whoever or whatever you believe that you have some sort of hesitation or judgment, or you’re scared to be seen by just that one person or group or certain.

In this episode of The Body Whisperer podcast, we discussed:

  • What is visibility
  • The different kinds of visibility
  • The energetic congruence with visibility 
  • Call to action
  • How to be comfortable in front of a video
  • Fear of judgment 
  • How to go out of your comfort zone
  • The fears of visibility
  • Authenticity

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