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Life Engineered with Jade Green

At 21, with less than $1000, Jade made a radical life-changing decision: to be happy. Instead of allowing a difficult upbringing to define her and keep her down, she instead launched her first business and has continued to kill it at life ever since.. 

Jade Green, a transformational teacher, learning junkie, spiritual being and adventurer who has built an international reputation as a hard-charging, (B)rule-breaking, serial entrepreneur, global speaker, best selling author and 5 dimensional coach. 

As a certified trainer and facilitator for both Mindvalley and The Genius Group (Entrepreneurs Institute, Genius U & Entrepreneur Resorts) she is able to combine world class content and methodologies with 2 decades of experience building businesses on the back of crafting a strong personal brand and creating a following 24.5K on LinkedIn.

Among other accolades, Jade has been honoured as one of StartUp Daily’s Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40 and received two Bronze International Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Never one to sit idle, Jade is currently the driving force behind the new Barrels and Business Podcast, founder of Life:Engineered and the Global Brand Ambassador for Entrepreneur Resorts.



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