Welcome to Season 3

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The Business Whisperer
Welcome to Season 3

Hello and welcome to the business whisperer podcast. I’m your host, Dr Adeela Afiz, the global business whisperer. 


The Business Whisperer podcast is a podcast that was created now in its third year to help you create a business in the way that feels best for you. And the way that is intuitive and the way that is authentic. This podcast is here to help you realize that whatever it is, that is true for you, whatever it is that allows you to have your expression of self in the world, through your business, you are allowed to do that. I’m one of those people that believe we can have it all.


What I hope you take away from these episodes in this podcast is the belief and the awareness that even when things around you are hard, even when there is great uncertainty, even when things are not going as planned or expected, you do not have to admit defeat, especially in your business. One of the things that are absolutely required is the mindset and the personal belief that you can be one of those success stories. 


In this episode of The Business Whisperer Podcast, we discussed:

  • Why you don’t need to give up health in order to have wealth
  • How your life and success is not dictated by what’s happening around you
  • What to do in these uncertain times
  • The 3 elements:  the mind, the body, and your energetic expression of self
  • How your business doesn’t have to be scary
  • What you can expect in the upcoming episodes


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