Spiritual Success with Athina Bailey

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Spiritual Success with Athina Bailey

Welcome to The Business Whisperer Podcast! Today’s episode features Athina Bailey, Psychic Medium and Coach.

Athina is a kinesiologist, trance channeller and spiritual business consultant. Athina helps lightworkers activate their soul gifts and step into their purpose to create abundant soul-aligned businesses.

Based in Australia she teaches globally and has supported hundreds of lightworkers to activate their channelling abilities through her programs and go on to create successful businesses.

In this episode of The Body Whisperer podcast, we discussed:

  • Athina’s journey in discovering and developing her intuitive and psychic abilities and choosing to make a career out of it. 
  • Making money for spiritual and energetic business owners
  • Staying Authentic and aligned with who you are while you navigate business strategy.
  • Bringing together systems, actions and energy for spiritual business owners.
  • Realising success is possible at all levels no matter what industry you are in. 

Click here to learn more about Athina’s courses, offerings and hear the coaching tips that helped her have a $100K Launch in her business.

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