The CEO Accelerator with Dr Adeela Afiz & Katie Kirsopp

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The Business Whisperer
The CEO Accelerator with Dr Adeela Afiz & Katie Kirsopp

If your expansion feels like its bottlenecked and you’re trying to figure out if your next investment is a highly intuitive coach that guarantees transformation, wealth embodiment and rapid acceleration in your business OR the team support, systems and structure for your backend to take the pressure off and help you GET THINGS DONE… boy do we have something for you.

I remember the year I invested in my dream coach – just a few months in it led to my biggest team investment- the OBM (Online Business Manager) that I just knew was the right fit, but I was TERRIFIED to make 2 major financial commitments in the same 3 month period.

What happened next? Find out in this episode of the Busienss Whispering Podcast featuring special guest Katie Kirsop.

Ready to accelerate your CEO embodiment and success? Check out the CEO Accelerator for rapid growth and support in your business this year.

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