Welcome To Business Whispering

The Business Whisperer
Welcome To Business Whispering

Episode 1: Welcome to Business Whispering

What is Business Whispering? Ever noticed how when it comes to business and money things get serious and the pressure to get it “right” stifles even the most creative and intuitive souls?

Business Whispering is about tapping into and celebrating the intuitive information, awareness and unique knowing that you have, to create a life and business that you not only love, but is financially successful as well. Join global Business Whisperer Dr Adeela Afiz as she welcomes you to the world of Business Whispering and gives you permission to tap into what you know intuitively and create!

For more about Dr Adeela: https://lifewhisperinginstitute.com

Business Whispering Classes/Sessions: https://lifewhisperinginstitute.comproduct/business-whispering/

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