Your Body – The Physiology of Success

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Your Body - The Physiology of Success
Episode 9: Your Body : The Physiology of Success
We ignore our bodies even though they are the vessel to receive information from and create intuitively.
Our bodies are our feedback system-your body tells you when something is not right or completely wrong-your mind will try to outthink or logistically out manoeuvre your gut most of the time-what are you going to trust more?
Healing your body to heal your mind-you will store stuck emotions and also past trauma or stress in your body. Physiology affects everything you do, It reinforces beliefs – so if your body doesn’t believe something, it means your mind can’t either-create success by working with the physiology of your body
Heal – in whatever way you can using whatever modalities, coaches, practitioners that work for you. I cannot stress enough the importance of the brain body connection. If you have been trying to get to the next level in your business and it’s been really hard or you just can’t, a hack I suggest for you to try is to focus on your body! Heal past traumas or memories, that little niggle or memory that triggers self doubt, fear or sabotage., rip that wide open rather than continue trying to cover it up.
There are a million examples of all the successful millionaires and billionaires who know that to keep up-levelling, it’s not an either or, it’s not the body or the mind, it’s not make more money or be healthy, in order to really succeed, and succeed holistically, in the way we are interested in here on The Business Whisperer podcast, you have to make healing and wellness and your
body a priority, not an afterthought.
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