Baby Whispering 2021



For parents, caregivers, practitioners, teachers and educators.

(Pre conception to 12 Years old)

The Baby Whispering Class is designed to empower and create greater communion and understanding between parents, children and the world around them.

Dr Adeela Afiz has spent the last 10 years working with parents, babies and children and helping them grow, change and have more ease and acceptance with emotional, physical and academic activities in her role as a holistic Chiropractor, Behavioural Specialist and Facilitator.

This class helps clear misconceptions, identify the unique needs and abilities of children and allows them to have more ease with being themselves while interacting with the world around them.

Common issues that Dr Adeela works with and will address in this class are physical, emotional and behavioural issues and needs that result in:

Anxiety and anxious behaviours

Severe Allergies

Poor coordination, balance and sensory issues

Poor academic performance


A lack of emotional resilience

Super sensitivity

Poor communication

Poor eating, sleeping or interaction

Behavioural issues

Inability to cope with everyday activities

Developmental delay in reaching milestones


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