2021 Body Whispering Focus Class 12 Class Package


12 incredible classes, each dedicated to clearing and healing a particular area of your life and business.

Each class is 3 hours long, this 12 class package includes over 36 hours of powerful and insightful facilitation, clearing and empowerment through the unique approach and expertise of Dr Adeela Afiz and the Body Whispering Modality.

Each focus class includes discussion, energetic clearing and the Body Whispering healing session that will help you change issues and limiting beliefs or behaviours at all 3 levels of Mind, Body and Energy.

Focus Class Topics:

January: Weight

February: Money

March: Inner Child Healing

April: Powerful Women Choosing Relationship

May: Growing Your Business Online

June: Envision + Action Your Future

July: Family and Ancestral Trauma

August: Changing Pain

September: Creating a 6 Figure Business

October: Releasing The Past From Your Body

November: Healing The Wounds From Your Mother & Father

December: Fertility, Reproduction, Womb Healing and Sexuality


Attendance + Replays to all 12 Body Whispering Focus Classes for 2021:


January: Weight


February:  Money


26th March: Inner Child


30th April: Powerful Women Choosing Relationship (LADIES ONLY)


May 28th: Business Whispering Focus: Scaling your business online 


June 25th:  Envision + Action  your future 


July 23rd: Familial and Ancestral trauma


August 27th: Changing Pain


September 17th:  Creating a 6 figure business 


Oct 29th: Releasing the past from your body


Nov 26th: Successful Collaboration  


Dec 17th:  Fertility + Reproduction