Body Whispering Focus Class: Familial and Ancestral Trauma Country July 2021



Trauma past or present, Transgenerational Trauma, Ancestral Bloodline Trauma, Past Life Healing.

This is a Body Whispering Focus Class you won’t want to miss.

The effects of familial or ancient trauma may be something you have never thought about. The effects can be silent, covert, and undefined, surfacing in nuanced ways in your life and relationships, holding you back in many areas of your life.

The effects of past trauma or the behaviours and beliefs of past generations can be inadvertently taught or passed on throughout your family, bloodline or even community and when left unexamined, it can continue to disempower you and continue to be passed on to your future generations. This can be caused by experiences that you know your ancestors suffered or things you have no idea about.