Body Whispering Focus class: Inner Child Healing March 2021



If you’ve never experienced the healing power of inner child work, please join us for this special focus class.

Healing our Inner Child includes healing our past, present and our future as we identify and let go of the trauma held in our bodies, mind and energy that we may not even realise has been holding us back.

Experiences that you may or may not remember, as a baby, child or adolescent have a major impact on the choices we make to this day and how we trust, love, show up and integrate experiences in our lives.

As we help to heal emotional wounds we start to make peace with the past which gives us the freedom to create an uninhibited future. A powerful bonus of this work is changing what we pass on to our future generations as suppressed beliefs or behaviours.

This class will change your confidence and your certainty in how you show up as you and how you can tap into what you know.

It changes how you listen to and acknowledge the whispers of awareness and how to create money and physical resources in a way that works for you.