Body Whispering Focus: Freedom from Past Trauma, Abuse & Narcissism June 2022



During this class Dr Adeela Afiz will be healing and facilitating you and your body to be free from past traumas, abuse and the effects of narcissism or narcissist abuse.

We all experience macro or micro-traumas throughout our life, if you have never looked at where or how these experiences are sitting in your mind, body or energy and are shaping your conscious or subconscious behaviours, you will be living your life feeling separated from your ability to live as a divine, connected and empowered being.  It’s time to be whole again, and to embrace your power.

This class will change your level of confidence and your certainty in how you show up as YOU and how you can tap into what you know.

It class uses the powerful Body Whispering Technique to help you integrate change at all levels of mind, body and energy.