Body Whispering Focus Class: Powerful Women April 2021



As a powerful woman, finding or having a fulfilling relationship can be harder than one would imagine.

Balancing being a strong, independent woman who also desires and wants love, companionship, and the ability to be vulnerable with her partner without needing to give up who she is can be a tight rope to walk.

The judgments that most women face, especially those who embody and express their power and independence, ranges from being called aggressive, pushy, demanding, “too much to handle” to make them wrong for the choices they make including “not being able to hold onto a man”.

Even in 2021, the choice seems to be, don’t stand in your full power or you will be called a B*tch.

This class will help you clear old and existing wounds, limiting beliefs, and compensatory behaviours that keep you from accessing, embodying, and celebrating your power as a woman. It’s time to believe and experince that it is possible to have relationships that are honouring of who are and the kind of life you would like to have.