Body Whispering X Wealth Whispering Group Session: October 2022



Body Whispering X Wealth Whispering:

Group Session & Masterclass

October 6th 2022
12pm Dubai | Your Time In The World Here

I am so excited to invite you to this very special group session and master class on deep healing.

This session has been downloaded specifically to help you experience somatic (physical) healing and change, trauma release from mind body and energy and to activate your intuitive capacities.

This 2-hour session includes facilitation, healing and a group session that will work at a molecular, cellular and energetic level to awaken you to your full potential and initiate you into advanced Body Whispering & Wealth Whispering energy.

Live from the Desert of Ras al Khaima at the Wealth Whispering retreat, I cannot wait to invite you into this session. All areas of life, body and being will be included. Bring your intention for healing and change. Be willing to receive everything and more.

Our intention is to work with the bodies, the land and to have this energy spread over the whole planet. It’s time for deep healing. It’s time for conscious embodiment. It’s time to be awakened to your power and intuitive capacities.

Come join us.