Business Whispering Audio Series: Conversations With Your Business


Welcome to this 3 pack of audios to help you create your business with the whispers of your business and consciousness. Each audio is a 20-30 minute exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime to help you communicate with your business, get into alignment and flow, choose your next action step and create successful outcome for your business.

Audio 1: Business Whispering Exercise General
Use this audio exercise weekly or even daily to stay connected to the energy of your business. Any time you may be feeling stuck or are unsure of the next step or what is required, this audio will help you plug in to the energy and activate and realign the pathways of knowing, receiving and creating with the support of your business and the universe. It is great to use if you are playing with a new business idea, need to make a change or are wondering how to reignite a stagnated area of your business.

Audio 2: Business Whispering Marketing
This audio is specifically to help you with your Marketing, Branding and Advertising. Use it to create more awareness around the action steps that will work best for your business. How and where to advertise your business and to discover which marketing options are most congruent for you and your business. Also great to use whenever you have a new product or service that you are bringing to the market.

Audio 3: Business Whispering Money, Pricing & Revenue Streams
Use this audio daily or weekly to create flow and build momentum with business income. Go through the pricing exercise every 6-12 months to check the pricing of your products and services or when you are bringing a new product or service to the market and you want to know where to price it at. Great for clearing stagnation with money flows or picking up on incongruence with pricing that can create a block or stop to the flow of energy and money in your business. This audio will also inspire and motivate you to listen to the whispers of possibility when it comes to adding revenue streams and more ideas for creating money to your life and business.

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