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Business Whispering 2 day class + Bonus ART OF WEALTH 1 Day Class
30 July- 1st August 2018
36000 INR/ 550 USD
Hyatt Regency Delhi or Livestreamed anywhere Worldwide

If your Business Whispered to you, what would it say?
If Money and Wealth Whispered to you, what would it say?
If creating your business was an intuitive and consciousness creating experience what would that be like for you?
If successful business meant showing up as you, listening to the intuitive guidance of the universe and marketing, selling, making money and success were all byproducts of this, would you enjoy your life and business more?

Sound TOO good to be true??

Join us for this interactive, deep dive, 2 day class with Dr Adeela Afiz plus BONUS 1 day Art of Wealth Class, (facilitated by Tulika Singh). 3 Days in total of potent facilitation, a new view on creating your business, no matter how old or new your business may be, and a way for you to make wealth and business seem effortless!

1 Day Art of Wealth Class: 30th July
2 Day Business Whispering Class: 31st July – 1st August

LIVE in Delhi or LIVESTREAMED online to anywhere in the world.


Advanced Free Form Class
Audio Recording of Class
Business Whispering Manual
Live Business Whispering Exercise

BONUS: Art of Wealth Class + Body Whispering Taster both on 30th July.

Contact: Smriti Shivdasani or Aradhana Tewari for more info

Business Whispering Delhi