Life Whispering Club 12 Month Subscription (Black Friday Sale) ($350)


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Looking for a club like no other?

Life is an adventure and it should feel like one.

Life Whispering Club is a safe and empowering space to help you stay aligned and focused on the reality you would like to have.
No matter where you have come from and what is going on around you, you can be empowered and inspired about creating your dream life as a member of the Life Whispering Club.

Each call will help you calibrate and align your thoughts, your energy, your vibration and your beliefs to creating and having the outcomes you desire.

Coaching with Dr Adeela Afiz is a powerful and unique experience that integrates mind, body AND
energy. The monthly energetic activation call is guaranteed to take your success to the next level.

12 months paid in advance, save $950 off the full subscription price for 12 months!!

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2 X Month Live Calls and Q&A with Dr Adeela Afiz

Live Facilitation

Exclusive Content

Life and Business Support

Energetic AND practical tools, tips and coaching to help you create all areas of your life

Mind, Body and Energy Support




At a fraction of the price you would normally pay!