Receiving Exercise


Merry Christmas to all those celebrating. From mine to yours. 
Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, today I would like to gift you this Money Whispering Exercise to help you step into more receiving of and from yourself, which in turn allows us to receive more from every one and every thing around us. Wishing you abundance in every form, 

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Healing with Money


What does “healing with money” actually mean?
Join Adeela and Dattatreya in conversation about what healing with money is, where the need for it comes from and what I have experienced in my own life when it comes to healing my life and money story!
I invite you to join us and finish 2020 by healing and changing your mind, body and your relationship with money.
Please visit my website to learn about the special “Healing With Money Class”

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Business with your body


Have you been trying to live your life without including your body in the equation?⠀Money, business, family, friends, social life, work, holidays… trying to do it all and ignoring the most important thing?⠀Something I often say is no matter how much more urgent all the other stuff seems, without a body you can’t do any of it! So if your body has been ignored, sidelined, unprioritized and been treated as an afterthought recently, I’m here to tell you that it is probably the missing piece in the creation of your life and business.⠀Your body is aware, it is conscious, it has innate intelligence and can be your greatest partner in creating a life you love. If you are ready to stop ignoring it and start harnessing the power of it, I have just the thing for you starting next week!⠀You can join the FREE 3 Day Body Challenge where you learn to get back in touch with the intuitive, authentic, power of being at home and connected to your body:

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Confident on Camera with Lucy Griffiths


Ready to get confident on camera and sell your content?! If you know you need to be getting yourself in front of a camera to grow your business but you don’t know where to start, or if you already  do but would like more confidence, Lucy Griffiths helps entrepreneurs tell stories and increase their influence and impact the world. She’s a video strategist and confidence coach who helps you to get the confidence to find your voice and speak up in meetings, on video, and own your power – even if you’re shy and struggle to be heard. Check out this week’s episode of The Business Whisperer Podcast Now! 
Lucy’s courses have now sold over 30,000 worldwide, and she works with corporate clients, entrepreneurs and business owners to harness the power of video, and tell stories more effectively on screen and in meetings. 
Lucy is a columnist for Psychologies Magazine talking about confidence, the imposter syndrome, and speaking up even though you’re scared. As an introvert, Lucy is a big proponent of playing big, even when you’re shy and offers practical advice and guidance to ask for what you want.
She is now a Founder / Director of a joint venture with Psychologies Magazine building a digital platform for the magazine. 
Lucy also partners with influencers to use their leverage to sell educational courses and elearning. She set up the Working Mother’s Academy with the blogger Honest Mum and PR Jack Freud, and has helped thousands of mums to learn digital skills.

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Savvy SEO With Averi Melcher


Ready to talk strategy + intuition when it comes to running your own business? This week’s guest Averi Melcher is an SEO Strategist, Content Marketing Expert, and full-time digital nomad. She began her career as a ghostwriter for marketing executives of brands like Pepsi, Princess Cruises and The Home Depot before working in marketing agencies like Neil Patel Digital and Siege Media. In early 2019, she sold all her things and bought a one-way ticket to Colombia to follow her dream of seeing the world. Since then, she’s built a multiple 6-figure earning content agency and launched The Complete SEO Blueprint, a course designed to help small business owners and aspiring women entrepreneurs build their organic traffic online. 
Link to the Complete SEO Blueprint Course:
Link to the FREE 3-Day Traffic Challenge + my Savvy SEO with Averi Melcher FB Group:
Ready to create your own dream business? Check out the Business UPgrade programme, the perfect mix of energy + strategy to help you create your own success story for conscious, service based business owners:

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Creating Your Online Business with Danni Duncan


Welcome to this week’s episode of The Business Whisperer Podcast, where we are chatting with Danni Duncan about creating an online business that thrives, even during Covid! Are you wondering if you have what it takes to make a giant leap into a new industry or if its possible for you to create success online? This episode is the perfect blend of inspiration, motivation and practical advice from online entrepreneur and instagram influencer Danni Duncan. If, like her, you find yourself needing to recreate your business or majorly pivot courtesy of Covid, you won’t want to miss this episode! Check out Danni’s offerings here:
The Figure Babes:
Instagram:  @thefigure_
Facebook: @thefigurelife 
Youtube:  The Figure

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Systems for your spiritual business

Have you got systems mixed up with form and structure? 
I work with lots of people who feel like having a healing or conscious business means not having the systems and framework in place to allow for growth, for boundaries and to make your spiritual or conscious business successful.
If you struggle with having boundaries, having enough time, over-giving and feeling like you are unable to be effective and profitable in your business, this week’s episode is for you!
Ready to UPgrade your spiritual or conscious business? Check out the Business UPgrade Programme here to help you scale your service based business:

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Outdoing Overwhelm

Outdoing Overwhelm
Feeling overwhelmed in your life or business?!?
This week’s episode of The Business Whisperer podcast is here to help you overcome the need to bury your head in the sand when you start to feel overwhelmed, and how to keep moving forward rather than letting it stop your momentum.
Tools, tips and some practical steps to help you create the business of your dreams.

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Alignment in a Wonky World

Alignment! What is it? How can you cultivate it? And what’s the point??
If you are feeling thrown off or not sure where you are going (perhaps now more than ever) or what you would like to be creating in your life and business, this episode talks about what I think alignment is, how I use it in my Business and why I believe it will save you a sh*t ton of time, money and energy in the long run! 
How to stay aligned:
Be discerning with your time
Time = energy
What’s influencing you more? Be louder on the inside than the noise from the outside
Aligned action doesn’t always feel easy- but it creates the best results
Make the difficult decision, have the awkward conversations,  move forward rather than staying stuck.

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Selling During and After Covid


What 3 things do potential customers and clients need from you right now to help them buy during uncertain times?
Whether you are a product or service based business owner this episode will help you ensure that you are meeting the changing needs of consumers as the Covid pandemic creates uncertainty and is changing how people are approaching purchasing and investing their dollars. What will make them choose to buy from you? Listen now to find out.
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  Find out in this week’s episode of the Business Whisperer podcast and check out the brand new build your own empire program with Dr Adeela Afiz.

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Build Your Own Empire

What will your business be 5, 10, 15 years from now??Have you ever thought about what your business will be in the future? Is it growing and thriving or is it stagnating and dying?Like all things in nature, if your business isn’t growing and changing, you’ll probably find that it is stagnating and then dying! It’s easy to get caught up in survival mode when it comes to running your business, especially if you’re just starting out, or when there’s a whole lot of turmoil going on around you.Use these tools and questions to shift your attention and become more aligned with creating not only a successful business now, but an empire for the future. If you were the owner or CEO of a successful empire, what would you be doing different today and what is possible for you now??
Find out in this week’s episode of the Business Whisperer podcast and check out the brand new build your own empire program with Dr Adeela Afiz.

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Miracle-Ready Mindset with Cathy Domoney

Miracle-Ready Mindset with Cathy Domoney.
This is a value packed episode where we sit down with mother of 6, business owner, best selling author and mindset and manifestation coach and mentor Cathy Domoney.
Meet Cathy Domoney, bestselling Author and highly successful Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction Coach and Manifesting mindset Mentor and Trainer who has been trained by Australia’s Number One, Award-Winning Law of Attraction Coach & Millionaire Mentor, Sandy Forster. Cathy has mentored clients worldwide how to find their inner-guidance, strength, skills, talents and gifts and she’s a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL Australia). Cathy started the Manifesting Mindset Movement and has guided clients to reprogram old habits that no longer serve them & remove blocks from their future dreams, progress & prosperity.
Cathy has over 20 years’ experience in Personal Growth and has learned from many of the world’s best life-teachers and philosophers and a wealth of personal experience and knowledge that makes her approach both personal and unique. She helps clients to reprogram their negative inner dialogue & create new habits of the body and mind FAST!
If you are looking for inspiration and practical tools to help pivot or pick yourself up in your life or business right now, don’t miss this episode where we cover everything from parenting, bullying, manifesting and more. 
Links to books:
Ugandan Babies’ Home Series:

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Body, Being & Business Exercise

Hi Business Whisperers! The next episode of #thebusinesswhisperer podcast is out now and this week I share with you a powerful exercise to help you, your body and your business communicate, receive and commune in creation. 
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Lies of Money

Join us for this week’s episode of The Business Whisperer Podcast where we go through this Incredibly powerful exercise to help you find and clear the lies and memories that create your money mindset from any age and stage in your life. 
Please remember that this exercise may leave you feeling different and even make your body respond or react in a different ways. Some tools you can use:
Expand out.
Return to Sender
Acknowledge what is happening for you.
Be kind, do some self care.
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Love Out loud Ft Nicole Gibson

Listen to this episode featuring change maker Nicole Gibson talking about the Love Out Loud Movement taking over the planet. Be inspired as you hear about how to show up as a visionary and change maker no matter what your age or background.
Nicole is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential; impacting over 250 000 people world-wide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation. Currently Nicole is the CEO of a global movement, Love Out Loud, which is engaging 4% of the global population by the end of 2020, to successfully facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement.
When Nicole was 18 years old, she established a Not-for-Profit that worked in youth mental health and community capacity building, engaging tens of thousands of young people across Australia and the UK, in unconventional conversations of vulnerability, self-love, vision and connection. This was inspired after a terrifying lived experience with anorexia nervosa. After completing a significant national tour, at 20 years old, Nicole was a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year and listed as one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women at 21, shortly after taking out the Pride of Australia Medal. She’s been featured in The Financial Review, made the cover of the Yellow Pages and had a documentary aired on prime-time national TV.
Nicole has made a vast impact in the health and education landscape in Australia, and served as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Health in history, advising directly to the Australian Federal Health Minister and Prime Minister. 
Nicole has pursued a successful career in speaking across tens of countries and recently has taken years of experience in corporate/political consultation, experiential facilitation and complex community work and launched her debut book ‘Love Out Loud; making this process accessible and easily applied to any community or individual.
Instagram handle:   @loveoutloud.movement
Facebook handle:

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Money Whispering

Try this money whispering exercise to connect with, invite and receive more money into your life!
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Evolving through COVID-19

Wondering what you can do to evolve through Coivd-19? What opportunities, possibilities and solutions are available for you and what is required of you at this time?
If you are wondering how to get ahead in your industry as the whole world around us changes, this episode gives you practical tips and information for you to get ahead and not just survive but thrive through this global pandemic. 
BONUS: FREE 5 Day Monetise Your Business Challenge runs 20-25th April 2020. Join HERE:
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Life Engineered with Jade Green

At 21, with less than $1000, Jade made a radical life-changing decision: to be happy. Instead of allowing a difficult upbringing to define her and keep her down, she instead launched her first business and has continued to kill it at life ever since.. 
Jade Green, a transformational teacher, learning junkie, spiritual being and adventurer who has built an international reputation as a hard-charging, (B)rule-breaking, serial entrepreneur, global speaker, best selling author and 5 dimensional coach. 
As a certified trainer and facilitator for both Mindvalley and The Genius Group (Entrepreneurs Institute, Genius U & Entrepreneur Resorts) she is able to combine world class content and methodologies with 2 decades of experience building businesses on the back of crafting a strong personal brand and creating a following 24.5K on LinkedIn.
Among other accolades, Jade has been honoured as one of StartUp Daily’s Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40 and received two Bronze International Stevie Awards for Women in Business.
Never one to sit idle, Jade is currently the driving force behind the new Barrels and Business Podcast, founder of Life:Engineered and the Global Brand Ambassador for Entrepreneur Resorts.
Instagram: @jadegreenau
Facebook: @jadegreenau
Website: &

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Welcome to Season 2

Welcome to season 2 of The Business Whisperer Podcast! I am so excited to be back with season 2, bigger, better and with even more valuable content to help you create a life and business you love, intuitively! 
2020 is all about more, more success, more joy, more authenticity and more abundance. This year we are excited to announce Business and Body Whispering classes all over the world, along with our brand new Certified Practitioner and Business Coach Programme! All the details can be found here: 
Plus exciting interviews with movers and shakers creating congruent, conscious and successful businesses across all industries to inspire and motivate you.
If there is someone you would like us to interview or a topic you would like to hear about, please send an email to And if you love this podcast, would you be so kind as to leave a review so other people can find it too.
Catch you next week right here on The Business Whisperer Podcast. 
For upcoming classes and workshops please visit:
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